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Monday, March 14, 2005

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Business Opportunities Central - Business Opportinuties Articles: "So, you want to work from home. But what kind of business
should you start?
With thousands of home business opportunities on the
internet, many entrepreneurs find themselves jumping into
home opportunities solely based on the amount they can earn.
But you have to remember; home business is still the real
world. If you have a degree in marketing, you wouldn't even
waste your time trying to repair computers unless you have a
strong knowledge of the subject. But entrepreneurs
continually leap into home businesses that require a skill
they don't even posses.
What to do? Well, you need to first outline your strengths.
Find out what you excel at and apply that to a field that
would work from home.
For instance, your friend might be making $16,000 a month
using MLM programs. You think, great, I'll join under him
and make $16,000 too! But your friend's skills include a
persuasive personality and a passion for talking on the
phone. You're more hands on, and enjoy being a little more
You take up your position under your friend and really crash
and burn. Maybe the landing is so hard that you tell
yourself you're never going to invest another minute in
creating a home business opportunity.
But if you had played on your strengths, and instead wrote
an ebook on crafting, you may have well exceeded your
friend's earnings if you'd only taken the right " Click to read full article


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