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Saturday, April 02, 2005

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Business Opportunities Central - Business Opportinuties Articles: "Before you decide to give your notice at work, tell your
boss what he can do with his job, hang out your own shingle
and start a home-based business, there are several things
you'll first want to consider about your home.
1. Is it in a quiet neighbourhood? What I mean by that is
that if you are right beside the I-5 freeway, or right under
a major flyway, or even across the street from a busy mall,
your home may not be the best place to try to focus on a
home-based business.
2. Is there really room for you to establish an office in
your home? You don't want be working from your kitchen
counter, coffee table or cabinet-top, so make sure there is
enough comfortable space available for you to establish
a home-based office -- and to expand if you need to --
separate from family daily living areas.
3. What are the home-based business zoning bylaws in your
community, or state? Will you legally be allowed to 'set
up shop' where you live? Some towns and cities have very
restrictive guidelines regarding what is or isn't allowed,
and others have very few regulations. Check with your
municipal authorities, as the laws are different right
across North America.
4. Will you be able to get insurance - not just for fire or
theft, but for your $3000 computer system, and for " Click to read full article